About Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a common problem for men and is one of the most common forms of male sexual dysfunction. Premature ejaculation has affected almost every man at some point in his life.

Causes for premature ejaculation

  1. Performance anxiety
  2. Psychologically established pattern that can be difficult to change later in life such as:
    Situations in your youth in which you were in a hurry to reach climax
  1. Weak erection. Men are trying to rush through the intercourse in fear to loose erection before climax
  2. Premature ejaculation may occur with a new partner due to a high degree of excitement
  3. Guilt
  4. Depression
  5. Side effects of some medications
  6. Stress
  7. Hypersensitivity of the skin of the penis

How Erektor helps with premature ejaculation?

  1. Erektor provides high degree of self-confidence and eliminates performance anxiety
  2. Erektor maintains erection during intercourse even for men with weak erection or no erection at all
  3. Erektors allows men to continue intercourse beyond ejaculation.
  4. Erektor allows men to perform full quality second intercourse almost immediately after the first one with a very weak erection or without erection at all.
  5. Erektor helps overcome anxiety and depression associated with intercourse.
  6. Erektor allows men to relax during intercourse.
  7. Eventually Erektor helps to break the psychologically established pattern of premature ejaculation connected with a previous psychological sexual trauma.
  8. Pressure applied by the front ring behind the penis glans delays ejaculation. This is an old technique of squeezing the penis head to delay ejaculation, but implemented in the Erektor’ design.
  9. Erektor is a perfect training device for premature ejaculation.

About the Erektor

  • Erektor™ is an external penile support device for men.
  • Erektor™ when applied provides rigidity to the penis, making it possible to perform intercourse with a weak erection or no erection at all.
  • Erektor™ allows men to perform full quality intercourse without erectile medications or supplements.
  • Unlike ED medications, Erektor™ has no side effects.

Benefits of the Erektor

  • No medications – no side effects!
  • No invasive surgery!
  • No waiting!
  • Your partner will love it!
  • Your penis is completely exposed,
    so you can feel every sensation.
  • Continue intercourse after ejaculation.
  • Can be used with a condom.
  • Comfortable for your partner.
  • A training device for premature ejaculation.

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