How the Erektor™ Works

  • Man gets a powerful positive psychogenic stimulation. “Before you win you have to believe!”
  • Man gets also a reflex erection from pressure and mechanical stimulation that Erektor creates
  • When Erektor stretches the shaft, it helps smooth muscles to relax and with contribution of the positive psychogenic stimulation and reflex erection the arteries dilate and allow blood to flow and fill the corpora cavernosa
  • After initial powerful psychogenic stimulation the excitement level can be diminished in impotent men by hormone imbalance, nerve damage and poor blood circulation in damaged vein. Support ring of the Erektor applies gentle pressure to the artery and vein on the top of the shaft and retains blood supply in corpora cavernosa and glans. The pressure from the base ring compensates for the “leaking vein syndrome” which is the main reason for soft or lost erection
  • Additionally, soft expandable support loop on the front of the Erektor applies gentle pressure to the corona sulcus that provides additional retention of blood pressure thus creating sufficient stiffness needed for successful intercourse

What Doctors Are Saying