Erektor is the latest break through invention on the ED market

Erektor is a custom-made, reusable external penile support device that allows men to perform full quality intercourse instantly without any medications or side effects.

In order to manufacture the custom device we have to have the specific customer’s measurements.
 Here is the process of ordering the custom Erektor:

  1. Please, place your order for a free measuring kit on our website:
  2. After receiving the kit conduct the measurements accordingly to instruction.
  3. Please, place your order for the custom Erektor (cost is $298 including shipping) also on our website indication of the specific dimensions.
  4. You will receive the custom Erektor in 4-5 days.
  5. Warranty for the Erektor is 1 year and you can use it min 500 times.