Erektor FAQ

Is the Erektor™ safe?

Yes. Each Erektor™ is manufactured in the USA using only FDA-approved materials in an FDA-approved facility and carries a 12-month warranty.

How long can I perform intercourse with the Erektor™?

You can enjoy sex for as long as you want and your physical conditions allows. With the Erektor™ you have the ability to perform intercourse any time you want for as long as you want. Enjoy responsibly, use common sense on the duration.

How difficult is to put the Erektor™ on?

It is as easy as putting on a condom.

Can I use lubricants?

Yes. Lubricants are recommended.

Initially my Erektor™ fit me perfectly, however I have now gained an extra 1" or so in length by using my ErektorTM. Are you able to fit me into a new standard size, or is there an option for custom sizing?

Eventually you will need the next size up. For your safety and product durability the ErektorTM cannot be resized after manufacturing, you will need to purchase the next bigger size or we can manufacture a custom size upon request. Please contact customer service with any questions.

What is the warranty for the Erektor™?

Manufacturing warranty for the Erektor™ is 12 months.

Is the Erektor™ reusable?

Yes. The Erektor™ is reusable. Manufacturing warranty for the Erektor™ is 12 months based on average 500 uses. Please try our various devices to spice up your experience.

Can I use the Erektor™ in conjunction with ED medications?

Yes, you can.

Can I cancel my medications and use the Erektor™ instead of ED medications?

We can not give you recommendations on your prescribed medications, please consult your doctor. As you know ED medications do not treat the erectile dysfunction, but may make it possible to perform intercourse. The Erektor™ does the same–making it possible to perform intercourse without the use of medications. The advantage is that the Erektor™ has no side effects and results are immediate.


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