Erektor Benefits

No meds, no surgery, no side effects

  • Erektor™ allows men to perform full quality intercourse with a weak erection or with no erection at all.
  • Unlike ED Medications, Erektor™ has no side effects.
  • The cost of the Erektor™ is a fraction of ED medications.

No waiting

  • Unlike ED Medications the desired results are immediate.
  • You can put the Erektor™ on and off in seconds. It is as easy as putting on a condom.

Benefits for Partner

  • Erektor™ allows men performing full quality intercourse with weak erection or no erection at all.
  • Erektor™ is virtually undetectable by your partner during intercourse.
  • Your penis is completely exposed for full contact and sensation.
  • Erektor™ allows men to continue intercourse after ejaculation.
  • Duration of intercourse is only limited by mutual desire.
  • Erektor™ can be used with or without condoms.
  • Erektor™ serves as a training device for premature ejaculation.
  • Erektor™ can be used as a sex toy by the partners.

What Doctors Are Saying