Erektor Comparison with Supplements

  • Supplements currently do not work for penis enlargement – period.
  • You throw away thousands of dollars for nothing. Manufacturers want you to enroll into the program for several months just to try with small print: result may vary.
  • We have no doubt that small print applies to you and you will be the guy who will be disappointed with results.
  • Currently there are many lawsuits for penis enlargement scams.
  • You harm your body with unknown ingredients.
  • You do not achieve any result except of losing a lot of money and wasting your time.
  • You become disappointed and may suffer from supplement’s side effects.
  • Pills may be contaminated and therefore harmful.

Do your own research of all the problems people have after taking ED medications and supplements, not to mention all the lawsuits filed by people that were really hurt.


What Doctors Are Saying